Doggie Daycare Services from Broward Animal Hospital

Doggie Daycare in Hollywood, FL

At Broward Animal Hospital, we’re committed to well-rounded pet care that goes above and beyond veterinary services. In addition to veterinary care, we also offer doggie daycare services for pets who just need to stay for the day. This service is great for pet owners who work long hours, have to take a day trip, or who just want a high-energy pet to have a little entertainment once in a while!


For the month of October 2015, we are offering special promotional rates of $15 per day for pets. We do require that all of our furry guests be up-to-date on their vaccines, for the safety of our other boarding guests. If your pet needs vaccines for boarding or daycare, we offer 10% discounts on needed vaccines to get your pet updated.


What Does Doggie Daycare Consist of at Broward Animal Hospital?


At Broward Animal Hospital, we do all we can to ensure that our guests are comfortable and happy with their stay. We make the following accommodations:


  • Pets are grouped together based on size and personality type to ensure that play is always comfortable for each pet
  • Socialization is optional, but if a pet enjoys playtime with others they are more than welcome to join in!
  • We offer daycare services for both dogs and cats, although cats will have understandably different accommodations from dogs
  • The rates are on a per-pet basis, without size or breed discrimination!
  • Care is personalized for each pet depending on needs
  • Pets may be let out up to six times per day, also depending upon needs


For pets who are not up-to-date on their vaccines, we offer a 10% discount on vaccines to get them ready to board with friends. This special introductory offer expires on October 31, 2015, so act fast! Schedule a doggie daycare stay at Broward Animal Hospital today. There are no limits to the number of times this special rate can be used, as long as it is before October 31.