The Importance of Annual Health Care for Pets

Free Pet Wellness Exams in Hollywood, FLMany pet owners do not understand the importance of annual health care for their pets, and at Broward Animal Hospital, educating pet owners is just as important to us as caring for pets! We want to ensure that every pet owner understands their pet’s needs so they can make educated decisions about their care.
It’s no secret that our pets age faster than we do. The passage of a single year in our lives can be equivalent to as many as seven years in our pet’s life, depending on their age, size, condition, and other factors. Suddenly an annual wellness exam doesn’t seem that far-fetched!
What Annual Wellness Exams Consist Of
When your pet comes in for their annual wellness exam, prevention is an important aspect of that visit. We will administer appropriate vaccines and ensure that your pet is up-to-date on their preventatives, but there are also other aspects of care that need to be addressed.
An annual wellness exam consists of a nose-to-tail physical check, examining all areas of the pet’s body for signs of abnormality or physical discomfort. Annual check-ups will often include fecal exams, sometimes urinalysis tests, and occasionally blood work, if deemed necessary.

We will discuss your pet’s needs and lifestyle with you, ask you questions about your observations, and ensure that your pet’s health needs are all addressed.
If it’s been a year since your pet’s wellness check, now is the time for their visit! Please contact our team to schedule their visit with Broward Animal Hospital.