Doggie Daycare

At Broward Animal Hospital, we provide pet daycare services between the hours of 8:00am and 5:30pm daily. We are happy to take care of your pet for you whether you need a few hours or the entire day. Our regular Daycare services include:

  • We are now offering daycare services with individualized or group supervised playtime for your pet (food and treats will also be included).
  • Feeding (we provide food, but if desired you can bring your own as well)
  • Exercise/play time occasionally throughout the day
  • Air conditioned indoor area for relaxing
  • Raised beds and blankets
  • If needed, we provide Science diet meals
  • Supervised exercise time

Like our boarding services, prices for stay will vary based on your pet’s size. We encourage you to contact our team to ask about Daycare rates and to schedule your pet’s next visit with us.

It is also important that your pet be up to date on their vaccinations. Dogs are required to have their Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations as well as Distemper/Parvo. Cats are required to have their Rabies and DRC vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is required before your pet can stay with us.

$15/day Doggy Daycare Special: For a Limited Time Only!

  • Including dogs and cats (large and small)
  • Multiple potty breaks (up to 6 times a day, depending on the pet’s needs)
  • Personalized care for all pets
  • Opportunity for pets to socialize
  • Pets are grouped together based on personality and size
  • 10% Off vaccinations for all pets that are not up-to-date
    (all vaccinations should be up-to-date to participate)
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